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Mr. Lonnie Locklear, Jr. 

Mrs. Virginia “Dare” Carter 

Mr. Darius Duckery Jones 

Mr. James Alton Cummings 

Mr. David Stanford Burnette 

Mr. John W. “Ned” Sampson 

Mr. Bobby D. Clark 

Mr. Roy Willie Maynor, Jr. 

Mrs. Lorena Rogers Chavis 

Mrs. Shirley Cummings Lowery 

Mr. Lynn A. Locklear 

Mrs. Reola Locklear 

Mrs. Adrene C. Locklear 

Mrs. Eva B. Sampson 

Ms. Connie Locklear 

Mr. Timmy Ray Clark 

Mrs. Mary Hazel McGirt 

Mrs. Annie Liz Strickland White 

Mr. Gregory Wilkins 

Mrs. Katie Lee Carter Chavis 

Ms. Pearl Jacobs 

Mr. Hoover Jones 

Ms. Robin Renee Chavis 

Mr. Johnny Locklear 

Mr. Alfonce Locklear 

Mr. Furman Hunt 

Mr. Amon Locklear 

Mr. Henry Edward Teets 

Mrs. Margaret Deese Locklear 

Mrs. Evelyn Gearl Locklear 

Mr. Marshall Randall Deese 

Mrs. Eula Mae Locklear 

Mrs. Lori D. Jones 

Mrs. Janice Brooks Sparks 

Mr. Willie Kern Oxendine 

Ms. Jan Locklear 

Mrs. Thelma Kay 

Mr. James Thomas Oxendine 

Mr. Alton Chavis 

Mr. Robert Oxendine Jr. 

Ms. Paula Kaye Hunt 

Mr. Earl D. Maynor 


Mrs. Letha Oxendine 

Mr. Ricky Warriax 

Mr. Elias “Don” Warriax 

Mr. Clayton Harmon Maynor Sr. 

Mrs. Minnie S. Lowry 

Mrs. Kessie D. Collins 

Mr. Martin Luther Dial, Jr. 

Mrs. Clara Bullard 

Mrs. Bessie Dunn Oxendine 

Mrs. Mattie Lou Locklear Strickland 

Mr. Wilson Jim 

Mrs. Marinia Clark 

Mrs. Annie Ruth Locklear 

Mr. Martin L. Lowry, Jr. 

Mr. Edwin Gabrielle’ Sampson-Scott 

Mrs. Peggy Chavis 

Mrs. Lucy Delphy Griffith 

Mrs. Marthelma “Lyne” Paul 

Mrs. Clara M. Chavis 
Mr. Herbert Locklear

Mr. Wilbert Lee Chavis 

Mr. Samuel Deese 

Mrs. Christine Carter Locklear 

Mr. Waltz Locklear 

Mrs. Syvetra Lynn Lowry Armstrong 

Mrs. Lee Bertha Deese 

Mrs. Ester O. Hedrick 

Mr. Johnny Allen Locklear 

Mr. Rodney “Skippy” Cummings 

Mrs. Katherine B. Dial 

Mr. Benny A. Deeringwater  

Mr. Perry Wayne Sampson 

Mr. James William Worriax 

Ms. Addie “Blossom” Sanderson 

Mr. Timothy Strickland, Sr. 

Mr. Willie McKinley “Pap” Revels 

Mr. Louie Oxendine 

Mr. Woodrow Maynor 

Mr. Cleamiller Locklear 

Ms. Oudia Locklear 

Mr. Willie C. Jacobs 

Mr. Guilebaldo Lopez Garcia 

Mr. Jerry Locklear 

Ms. Judy F. Oxendine 

Mr. Larry Eugene Oxendine 

Mrs. Daphina Brooks Locklear 

Mr. Doyles Raymond “Nook” Locklear 

Mr. Josh Adam Hunt 

Mrs. April Lynette Hunt Lambert 

Mrs. Mary A. Davis 

Master Dustin Wayne Oxendine 

Mr. Harvey Wayne Houdyshell 

Mrs. Norma Marie Scott 

Mr. Samuel Jones 

Mr. Gary D. Jacobs 

Mr. George Wayne “Mule” Brooks 

Mr. Phillip Oxendine 

Mrs. Molly Marie Locklear 

Mr. Sean Thomas Brayboy 

Mrs. Gola Strickland 

Mrs. Jeannie Jo Bell-Nichols

Mrs. Lois Oxendine 

Mr. Odgen Dimery 

Mrs. Stella Jane Oxendine 

Mrs. Ira Lee Lowry 

Mr. Louis Carmen Ruggiero 

Ms. Lorraine Oxendine 

Mr. Levance “Huggie’ Locklear 

Mr. Quinndell Locklear 

Mr. Archie Locklear, Sr. 

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Sanderson  

Ms. Georgianna Evans Scott 

Ms. Ophelia “Bitsy” Oxendine 

Mr. George Pate Oxendine 

Ms. Sharon R. Crain

Ms. Myrtle M. Locklear

Ms. Eula Mae Hunt

Mr. Carley “Hogman” Dial
Ms. Sarah Neal Dial 

Mrs. Alene Locklear Emanuel

Mrs. Julia Lowery Townsend Bullard

Mr. Carlos Louis Santiago, Sr.

Mr. Gregory B. Maynor 

Mrs. Geraldine Locklear Davis



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