About Us


 At Locklear & Son Funeral Home you will find the staff, facilities and equipment to serve you well and we know the value of the funeral service and the impact it has on the survivors, and we want to help you to fully realize these values:

        Acknowledges that a life has been lived

        Allows mourners to remember and honor their loved ones

        Serves as a central gathering place for family and friends to give emotional and physical support to each other

        Provides closure for the bereaved

        Initiates the grieving process

        Confirms the reality and finality of the death

        Encourages mourners to face the pain of their loss and express their thoughts and feelings

        Helps survivors to better cope with their grief and enables them to move forward with their lives

We are committed to assisting families in the creation of a meaningful funeral service for their loved one.  A funeral service is a tribute and a recognition of a life lived and at Locklear & Son Funeral Home you will find the knowledgeable and friendly staff, facilities and equipment to serve you and assist you in your time of need.

Our History

Locklear & Son Funeral Home has a tradition of a local family serving other local families.  In 1948 Pattie & Luther Locklear bought the funeral home formerly owned by Pates Supply Company in Pembroke, NC.  It was known then as Pembroke Funeral Home. 



Later in the same year the funeral home was relocated to a two story building which was the residence of Pattie & Luther Locklear and became Locklear Funeral Home.

Upon the return of Lutherís son Samuel from Michigan in 1952, the funeral home became known as Locklear & Son Funeral Home.  Samuel attended Dallas Institute-Gupton Jones College of Mortuary Science and was licensed in 1955.  The funeral home remained in the now Pembroke Legal Aid Building until 1975.



Locklear & Son moved to its present location on Union Chapel Road in 1975.  With over 58 years of dedicated service to Robeson County and surrounding areas, and a staff that is knowledgeable and willing to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we are capable to meet your every need. We are committed to serve you and your family to make this process as easy and stress free as possible.


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